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History of Innovation

BHR Group intellectual property and technology breakthroughs

Following our inception, the BHR Group organisation has produced an ever increasing number of technical and fluid engineering innovations, some of which became our IP portfolio, others were spun-out as separate companies or sold.  BHR Group continues this tradition of innovation.

BHR Group is an independent industrial research and technology organisation specialising in the application of fluid engineering to industrial processes.  We are a multi-disciplinary company that grew out of the BHRA (British Hydromechanics Research Association), one of the founding Research Associations established by the UK government in the late 1940s. 

BHRA was established in 1947 as a company limited by guarantee with the objective of extending the knowledge of scientific principles and their application to the manufacture and use of hydraulic machinery.  Its initial aim was to meet the needs of British pump manufacturers by addressing generic problems in pumping technology.

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