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Water, Wastewater and Desalination

There is a global consensus amongst industry leaders for the need to apply innovative thinking to water operations, planning and resources due to the challenges faced by our changing society.  The municipal water and wastewater sector is affected by numerous drivers, including water scarcity, ageing infrastructure, tighter legislation and standards, increased chemical supply and energy pumping costs, plus the unprecedented growth in water consumption.

In addition, desalination, water treatment and reuse in industry has emerged as one of the most important themes in the water sector over the past five years, facing its own challenges associated with reducing costs and energy consumption, reducing water consumption and legislative drivers affecting post-operation treatment of the spent water and re-introduction to the environment.

Our changing climate has resulted in the increased frequency of towns, cities and whole regions deluged by extreme rainfall events where often the infrastructure is unable to cope; resulting in severe flooding, devastation and even death.

BHR Group delivers on these all these challenges through the provision of a comprehensive range of fluid flow consultancy services to our clients across the world. 



  • Energy utilisation and optimisation
  • Design optimisation & feasibility studies
  • Rheology testing & pumping system design
  • Process monitoring, tracer testing & analysis
  • Design & implementation of improved mixing & dosing
  • Scaled physical modelling, computational fluid dynamics & pilot plant studies
  • Steady state & transient pipeline analysis
  • Odour and noise modelling
  • Product & process development
  • Independent equipment testing