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Slurry Handling

Climate change and the need for environmentally responsible, cost effective and efficient methods of ore and tailings transport place great demands on the mining industry. A growing number of operations are meeting the challenge by using more hydrotransport handling of solid/liquid mixtures in both short in-plant and long-distance pipelines. This most basic of techniques combines a number of handling advantages with minimum maintenance and low environmental impact. But there is still potential for cost savings, innovative application and transfer of technology, optimising handling techniques and developing and deploying new engineering solutions.

Using our unique combined expertise in rheology, pumping equipment, pipeline engineering, fluid modelling and integrated engineering services, BHR Group advises clients on handling of all slurry types include tailings, ore concentrates, pulps, slips, fibrous sludges, colloidal dispersions, in fact, any particles in any liquid.

The global industry standard “Design of Slurry Transport Systems” B.E.A. Jacobs, was compiled from work carried out over a period of time by BHR Group engineers.  Twenty-four years on, BHR Group has retained its status as a world authority on the transportation and handling of complex fluids and fluid flow.

Areas of Expertise

  • Viscosity/flow curve measurement of non-Newtonian materials
  • Pipeline design for non-settling and settling slurries
  • Open channel flow of Newtonian and non-Newtonian slurries
  • Selection and sizing of pumps
  • Selection of instrumentation for on-line measurement of slurry properties (flow, concentration, density, viscosity)
  • Mixer selection and storage tank design
  • Troubleshooting of the operation of existing plant
  • Mixing of flocculants and other process chemicals