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Computational Modelling and Simulation

Mathematical Modelling for External and Internal Flows

BHR Group is in the privileged position within the UK by offering an integrated approach to modelling and simulation through the option of additional scaled physical modelling, experimental work and on-site testing and evaluation allowing us to validate and calibrate our results.  

Our highly qualified analysts and experienced engineers provide state of the art solutions for a range of flow systems using computational fluid dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), 1D System Modelling, Plume Modelling and Optimisation Algorithms to assess the effectiveness of new designs, design optimisation and materials modelling, including the accurate representation of properties predicted by manufacturing simulation within structural FEA.

We service all fluid engineering sectors, either directly or as part of a BHR Group virtual project team.  Many global clients take advantage of our integrated engineering services, including research, consultancy, testing, modelling and training services, which together offer a unique combination of independent specialist expertise and industry focussed solutions.

Areas of expertise

  • Material and stress analysis including FEA 
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Steady state and transient analysis of pipe networks
  • Fluid structure interactions
  • Multiscale and molecular dynamics modelling
  • Diffusion and permeation modelling in polymers
  • Thermal analysis of polymers, metals, alloys 
  • Mechanical integrity assessment
  • Component and system performance assessment.
  • Population balance modelling
  • Non-linear dynamics
  • Lagrangian particle tracking