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Qualification testing

BHR Group maintains a number of dedicated, adaptable test facilities and rigs available for customer hire.  We also develop test programmes for clients in order to deliver a tailored solution, while our independence assures total impartiality.

Our facilities can be used or adapted for qualification and acceptance testing against international, industrial and company standards.  We can advise on compliance and regime testing in order to meet BSI and ISO test standards, many of which we helped author and promote.

Areas of expertise

  • Liquid, gas, solid flows in pipes and components
  • Flow in pipes, pressure loss, friction, turbulence flow in control and metering devices
  • Fluid permeation or diffusion through materials
  • Pump, valve, actuator, fittings
  • Fluid and material contamination and degradation
  • Noise, vibration and cavitation
  • High pressure and temperature components
  • Seal and sealing system integrity or leakage
  • Surface coatings and surface roughness
  • Proof, fatigue and burst pressure