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Mining and Minerals

With a strong but volatile outlook for the sector; the global mining and minerals industry is focused on future growth through expanded production, without losing sight of operational efficiency and cost optimization. The sector is also faced with the increased challenges of social and environmental responsibility and finding more cost effective and efficient methods of ore and tailings transport.  

A growing number of operations are meeting the challenge by using more hydrotransport handling of solid/liquid mixtures in both short in-plant and long-distance pipelines. 

This most basic of techniques; hydrotransport combines a number of handling advantages with minimum maintenance and low environmental impact.  However there is still potential for cost savings, innovative applications and the transfer of technology and knowledge including optimising handling techniques and developing and deploying new engineering solutions.

Using our unique combined expertise in rheology, pumping equipment, pipeline engineering, fluid modelling and integrated engineering services, BHR Group advises clients on handling of all slurry types include tailings, ore concentrates, pulps, slips, fibrous sludge and colloidal dispersions.


  • Pipeline design for “non-settling”, fine particle, pseudohomogeneous slurries, including pipe sizing and total pressure loss estimation
  • Pipeline design for settling slurries, including estimates of deposition velocity and total pressure loss
  • Open channel flow of Newtonian and non-Newtonian slurries
  • Selection and sizing, including deration, of both centrifugal and positive displacement pumps
  • Estimation of pump power imparted to slurry and motor sizing
  • Estimation of specific energy consumption (SEC) for hydraulic conveying of solids
  • Selection of instrumentation for on-line measurement of slurry, pulp and tailings properties (flow, concentration, density, viscosity)
  • Viscosity/flow curve measurement of non-Newtonian materials
  • Mixer selection and storage tank design
  • Troubleshooting of the operation of existing slurry feed/receiving tanks
  • Slurry storage vessel design and operation