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Successful commercial uptake of nanotechnology requires quantifying and managing the technical benefits, uncertainties and risks associated with process and product scale-up.  With many years of experience in helping industry adopt new technologies, BHR Group is well placed to support nanotechnology companies.

Since the 1990s we have helped a spectrum of industrial companies, from blue chip global leaders to technology rich start-ups, to develop safe, efficient and effective methods for the full-scale manufacture, production and application of nanotechnologies. BHR Group activities focus on accelerating the qualification and uptake of nanotechnologies and encompass:
  • Scaling up the manufacture of nanoparticles into industrially viable volumes
  • Incorporation of nanoparticles into new products
  • The development of production processes
  • The development of new surface treatments for nanocoatings and
  • The development of measurement standards for nanotribology.
With BHR Group knowhow, our clients, partners and collaborators are able to take new products to market, improve their practices and enhance product performance and quality across a wide range of industrial sectors.

BHR Group plays a pivotal role in the industrial adoption of nanotechnology. Through our wholly industrially-funded research consortia programme DOMINO, we are developing new value-chains. Our customers benefit from new engineering product and process designs which are developed around sophisticated numerical modelling, experimentally validated in our laboratories. Our activities include the dispersion of nanoparticles and nanoclays in liquids, nanoparticle incorporation into the formulation product, through to the provision of new process design and equipment selection.

Through AddNano, BHR Group is leading an international effort that is developing new additive lubricant packages to improve performance and reduce friction and wear under extreme pressure applications.  Our involvement is based around the scale-up processes for the incorporation and suspension of Inorganic Fullerene (IF) nanoparticles into base oil and evaluating the nanotribological performance under high pressure loading environments, such as engine crankcases.

Areas of expertise

  • Incorporation of nanoparticles and nanoclays into liquids 
  • Break-up of nanoparticle clusters 
  • Intercalation of nanoclays
  • Exfoliation of nanoclays
  • Nanoemulsions
  • Dispersion rheology 
  • Numerical modelling 
  • Recommendations on process design