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As well as general sealing engineering, BHR Group specialises in the design, testing and analysis of elastomer seals for rapid gas decompression, reciprocating seals, valve testing and reciprocating cylinders.  We are also unique in having the test rig facilities to undertake hazardous fluid and very high pressure seal testing. 

We are at the forefront of live prediction software for polymeric seals in all applications, as well as developing predictive models of Rapid Gas Decompression damage to aid with the design and operation of high pressure gas systems, used offshore and in carbon sequestration systems.  High-pressure gas and liquid facilities exist for the development and testing of sealing systems and components, including permeation and diffusion characteristics of elastomers.
We have a large database of projects, covering different sealing technologies and applications and are well connected to seal manufacturers and universities. Recent projects include the development and computer modelling of leakage in fuel cell stacks, the study of nanoparticle inclusion in seals and mating surfaces for improvements in tribological performance and a review of seal designs in LNG equipment.  BHR Group has also performed design studies, computer modelling and testing of turbo charger seals for the ESA Ariane rocket.  As such, we have an enviable reputation for first class research and have been instrumental in establishing many common BSI and ISO standards.  

Being part of the global sealing engineering community, we have organised the BHR Group Fluid Sealing Conference since 1961.

Areas of Expertise

  • Heat transfer
  • Mechanical design
  • Elastomer life time prediction
  • Non-linear modelling
  • Permeation
  • Fluid-material compatibility
  • Mathematical modelling
  • Environmental modelling