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BHR Group’s 65 years of acknowledged expertise and experience in rheology and fluid behaviour places us in a world leading class. We understand the flow behaviour of complex fluids such as polymers, gels, colloidal dispersions, concentrated suspensions, emulsions, foams, micellar and liquid-crystal phases and their relevance to the appropriate application.

We work with clients to develop novel, scalable techniques for processing complex fluids into multifunctional products and over the years BHR Group has amassed a vast body of data through many years of laboratory testing and rheological services.

Our expertise is particularly strong in oil and gas, biopolymer systems, sludges and two phase flow and we own and operate the Sludge Rheology Database (SRDB), the world’s largest database of sludge rheograms for the water industry.

BHR Group operates two state-of-the-art, fully equipped rheology laboratories run by experts in the theory and practice of rheology. Our unique offering is the ability to plan test programs and deliver measurements and test analyses, providing expert interpretation of the results and the application of these results in the provision of engineering solutions.

Areas of Expertise

  • Rheology of dispersions such as suspensions and emulsions
  • Rheology of complex fluids such as high solids loading or continuous phase
  • Transportation and mixing in complex and turbulent flows
  • Phase behaviour and rheology of fluids containing nanoparticles
  • Nanoparticle-stabilised foams and emulsions
  • Incorporation, suspension and stabilisation of dry nanoparticles in wetted media
  • High viscosity materials