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Fundamentals of Rheology

This webinar aims to provide an understanding of the rheological properties of a wide range of fluid types, including liquids, slurries, pastes, emulsions, and polymer solutions and melts. Such properties include viscosity and yield stress, as well as complex viscosity, extensional viscosity, normal stress, and other viscoelastic properties. 

Why Attend?
You will gain an understanding of rheological properties including:
  • Viscosity and yield stress.
  • Complex viscosity.
  • Extensional viscosity.

Available Dates:
  • 10th September 2015, 1.30pm 

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Applied Rheology

This webinar looks at the challenges of handling solid/liquid mixtures such as suspensions, dispersions, and weak gels, common through industry.

Why Attend?
At the end of the webinar attendees will have an understanding of how to improve product performance, conduct trouble-shooting and optimise process parameters.

Available Dates:
  • 13th October 2015, 2.00pm