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Meet our Process Engineering Experts

Our Process Industry experts bring decades of research and development experience to bear on clients' projects. With specialists in process mixing, rheological characterisation, pipeline design and troubleshooting and nanoparticle break-up and dispersion, we can address the needs of process clients across the industry spectrum.

 David Brown, Technical Director

David has over 16 years experience of research into and the application of single-phase and multiphase mixing in the pharmaceutical, speciality, bulk chemical and biochemical process industries. He is the creator of the definitive computer aided design mixing guide and is an authority on experimental methods and solid-liquid mixing, contributing to the Handbook of Industrial Mixing. David’s other areas of expertise include heat transfer, processing of fluids with complex rheological characteristics and process simulation. His philosophy is based around the focused application of research knowledge to solve industrial process challenges.

Gustavo Padron, Senior Consultant

Gustavo has over 15 years experience in chemical engineering with a particular focus on process mixing, liquid-liquid dispersion and nanoparticle break up and dispersion. Gustavo’s skills made him extremely well suited to lead the Fluid Mixing Programme (FMP) industrial consortium which was established over 30 years ago. FMP offers a unique, industrially-focussed programme of applied research, the benefits that can be realised by well-designed and characterised mixing protocols run into millions of pounds. Gustavo worked in the oil industry in Venezuela for 4 years before starting his graduate studies. Since joining BHR Group in 2005, he has published several papers and given presentations at international conferences in his capacity as Senior Consultant in the Process area.

Nigel Heywood, Senior Consultant

Nigel is an expert in the rheological characterisation of difficult-to-handle liquids, emulsions, polymer solutions and melts. Skilled in the development and application of rheological measurement and data reduction, he is an authority in the design and troubleshooting of slurry pipework, both in-plant and long distance, having carried out research and consultancy for over 35 years. It is important to understand the link between the relevant physical properties of materials and process design, equipment selection and sizing, and specification of operating conditions in the bulk chemicals, speciality chemicals, pharma, food, coatings and other industries. Nigel often provides in-house workshops and training to companies tackling these issues.