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Meet our Water & Wastewater Experts

Our Environmental Industry experts bring decades of research and development experience to bear on clients' projects. With specialists in process monitoring, tracer testing and analysis, scaled physical modelling, computational fluid dynamics and pilot plant studies, we can address the needs of environmental clients across the industry spectrum.

Sarah Fairhurst, Senior Consultant

Sarah Fairhurst (née Spence) joined BHR Group in 1986 working on high pressure water jetting systems before focussing on the design and hydraulic modelling of hydraulic structures, in particular pumping stations, dams and spillways and sewage treatment works, skilfully managing BHR Group’s dual physical and computational approach to the modelling of complex flows and related technical consultancy.

She has also managed a number of large consortia research projects for the water industry on subjects such as sewage sludge conditioning prior to dewatering and the hydraulic requirements for disinfection of potable water.  Her work has encompassed physical model studies, equipment development and testing, site audits and desk studies for a range of industries. 

Sarah is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and Member of CIWEM, and is the BHR Group representative for the Pump Centre.

Sajid Rafique, Senior Consultant

Sajid has over 15 years of experience in civil engineering hydraulics and mixing in water and wastewater process plant.  His principal area of work is in modelling, utilising both physical scaled models and also numerical techniques (computational fluid dynamics, CFD and pressure surge analysis in pumped/gravity pipeline systems).

He has overseen and investigated a multitude of projects that require hydraulic performance evaluation and design optimisation, across a broad range of application areas; including the water/wastewater, environment, marine and power industries.    He also has particular experience in the hydraulic optimisation of civil engineering schemes that involve pump sumps and intakes.

Mick Dawson, Engineering Director

Mick is a Chemical Engineer with more than 20 years directorial, managerial, technical and commercial experience in fluid engineering research and consultancy.  His technical expertise is in mixing applied to the Process sector, with a particular emphasis on the growing field of inline mixing technology.  He also specialises in the transfer and application of process mixing know-how and equipment to the Environmental sector.

Mick is a regular presenter of lectures, seminars and training courses worldwide covering BHR’s Fluid Engineering expertise. He is the author of over 50 journal and conference papers, technical reports and design guides.

Nigel Heywood, Senior Consultant

Nigel and his section work on designing and troubleshooting ore pulp, minerals and tailings pipelines in the mining and minerals processing industry through consultancy and research, supporting the industry’s attempts to reduce the land and water usage in the disposal of tailings.

The design of sewage sludge transport systems are approached with over 35 years of consulting experience and based around the measured or predicted sludge rheological properties.  Innovative test techniques are augmented by BHR Group’s extensive on-line sludge rheology database (SRDB) and sophisticated in-house software for pipeline design (SLoT), which can model the pressure losses across suction and discharge pipework.