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Publications: Technical papers and abstracts from our experts

Effect of Impeller Type on Drop Size of Turbulent, Non-coalescing Liquid-Liquid Dispersions

Drop size is one of the most important parameters in liquid-liquid dispersions as it affects mass transfer rates and physical properties of the dispersion and/
or products obtained. “Low shear” narrow blade hydrofoils produce the smallest drops at a given power input compared to PBTs and RDTs. However, they all produce the same equilibrium drop size if they operate at the same maximum energy dissipation rate, which can be easily estimated using different approaches

In this poster, originally presented at The 16th European Conference on Mixing in Toulouse, France, BHR's Gustavo Padron and David Okwonko describe their work on how Surfactants can be used to study break up under coalescence-free conditions at industrially relevant dispersed phase fractions.

Dr Gustavo Padron, Senior Technical Consultant, BHR Group Read the full article.

The importance of security in an increasingly connected world

Digital communication and the opportunity for more interconnectivity that it brings is a catalyst for greater access to, and the democratisation of, information. Although this is a force for good, having easy access to information can also  have volatile and unpredictable negative consequences.

In this article, originally published in the BFPA Yearbook, BHR's Mark Fairhurst offers a personal view on the positive impact this is already having on the fluid power industry and raises questions on how we balance the need for regulation with freedom of choice when considering industrial applications.

Mark Fairhurst, Technical Director, BHR Group. Read the full article.

Importance of optimising sump design for reliable operation of rotodynamic pumps

A pumping station is expensive to build, expensive to run, and even more expensive when it stops running. This paper, presented at the Pump Centre Conference 2018, explores how intake conditions affect all of the above and could make or break a typical project in the water and wastewater industry.

Richard Brewis, Project Engineer, BHR Group
Steve Graham, Sales Director, Bedford Pumps Ltd. 
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