We predominantly operate in:


We provide:

Decommissioning services, including: Segmentation, Size Reduction and Decontamination | POCO Process Development and Optimisation | Sludge Retrieval and Transfer.

New build development support, through our thermodynamics and multi-phase flow expertise | Physical and simulation model studies |Reactor hydraulics analysis | Thermo-hydraulics network design and equipment qualification.

Existing generation services, including component qualification and calibration|pipe network analysis | outfall modelling.

Oil and Gas

From product development and support to decommissioning, our services to the Oil and Gas industry include: Thermal insulation qualification | Equipment testing and qualification | Fluid-material compatibility and containment | Seal material modelling and testing.

Chemical Industries

From consumer goods to material science, we work with clients on product development support and process de-risking:

From laboratory to production we help clients: Transfer processes from batch to continuous operation | Scale up from lab to pilot to plant  | Validate process performance.

Improving process efficiency through: Reactor performance characterisation | Laboratory & CFD modelling | Single & multiphase mixing

Water and Wastewater

We support the full water asset life cycle, from design validation to optimisation and troubleshooting, through: On-Site Tracer Testing| Pressure Surge Analysis| Computational Fluid Dynamics| Physical Hydraulic Model Studies.

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