We run two leading research and development consortia that aim to increase the research productivity of participating firms. Owned and managed by BHR Group, the consortia are funded and steered by their industrial members.

Members are market leaders from a broad range of industries, who typically benefit from a 5-10 year technical advantage, generated from the research and findings.

FMP (Fluid Mixing Processes)

Scale-up successfully from lab to pilot and from pilot to production scales. The process mixing knowledge generated in the FMP consortium can reduce time to market and production costs, in addition to minimising down-time and increasing efficiency.

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DOMINO’s research helps industry overcome the significant challenges involved in bringing new products to market that contain nano and micro materials in their formulation.

Working at a broad range of scales with real industrial equipment the project aims to develop process design and operating guidelines relating to the incorporation and dispersion solids and immiscible liquids into a continuous liquid phase.

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