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BHR Group has led the field of fluid engineering for 70 years.

Specialists in understanding how fluids behave, how they interact with each other and how they react with their surroundings, we take a problem solving approach to design, develop, validate and optimise processes for the benefit of our clients. 

From modelling and testing the interfaces between Victorian and 21st century water tunnels on the Thames Tideway project, to developing market-leading water jetting tools that make nuclear decommissioning safer, our team has the right blend of specialist knowledge and practical ability to help our clients solve even the most complex of fluid engineering problems. 

Established in 1947, and privately owned since 1989, we are based in Cranfield, Bedfordshire. 

Our professional, impartial help and advice has helped market leading, global clients such as P&G, Exxon Mobile, ASHGHAL, Dubai Municipality and Transco.

Water & Wastewater

Our team of experts understands the challenges facing the water industry. We work hard to make measurable improvements to new and existing facilities through our core skills of physical and computational hydraulic modelling, chemical dosing and mixing, troubleshooting, design validation and optimisation.

We work in partnership with water companies, consultants, contractors and specialists to drive innovation and improvement across a wide range of projects including major water systems, water treatment, power generation, and infrastructure. 

Process Engineering

Our fluid mixing expertise helps our clients reduce time to market, minimise downtime and reduce production costs.

We work with companies in the process industries over a vast array of individual products and processes.

From fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals to personal care products and food & beverage, our specialist knowledge helps our clients optimise and validate their processes. 

Energy & Power

Meeting safety standards for products in complex, high pressure environments is critically important. We work with operators and manufacturers in subsea oil & gas, nuclear, aerospace and defence to ensure that their fluid power systems are robust and operationally reliable.

We provide impartial qualification testing, validation and product development., using a range of test facilities that can physically replicate the range of on-site working and environmental conditions. We can model flow assurance, thermal management, high pressure and high temperature applications.

BHR Group works with:

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